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Aircoparts.com provides vehicle air conditioning parts and services. Our directory contains automobile air conditioning parts and informative details of automotive air conditioning specialists throughout the United States and the World. Listings include companies who offer OEM and aftermarket car air conditioning parts and installation as well as maintenance and repairs. Please click on a logo below or view the list on the left of the page to view the a/c compressor application charts for each manufacturer.

Automobile Air Conditioning Parts and Service Information

AircoParts is a supplier of high quality new and remanufactured automobile vehicle air conditioning parts to many of our competitors as well as major car parts shops through out the nation. We can install vehicle air conditioning systems as well as repair any existing malfunctioning air conditioning system .

The best way to reduce the probability of your air conditioning system breaking down is to perform reqular maintenance and service checks on your vehicle air conditioning system.

Our extensive range of vehicle air conditioning parts means we carry most makes of compressors, condensers, and receiver driers for all models of cars.

A/C Condensers:

We also carry vast range of a/c condensers for all makes and models of vehicles including the OEM and after market installations.

Whatever your needs whever it be a complete service for an exsisting vehicle air conditioning a full and professional installation of a complete vehicle air conditioning system then look no further than AircoParts.com.


Once the refrigerant is drawn into the suction side of the A/C Compressor, it is compressed and sent to the a/c condenser, where it can then transfer the heat that is absorbed from the inside of the vehicle.

The a/c compressor compresses freon into a high pressure (and since temperature and pressure are relative), high temperature gas which is then sent to the condenser for the process of removing the heat. The fact that this temperature is greater than the outside temperature allows the heat to transfer to the outside air. This then causes the "gaseous" freon to "condense" back to a high pressure liquid. This high pressure liquid is then sent to the restriction in the system (that being an orifice, or a valve of some kind) which lowers the pressure causing the liquid to boil and vaporize (thus the term "evaporator"). It is then in this low pressure gas state that it is capable of absorbing the heat from inside the vehicle and sent back to the compressor for the cycle to repeat itself.

The compressor is lubricated with special oil. It is very important to use the correct oil to the compressor and system. Some seals and gaskets may not work with some oils.

Maintenance Tips / Suggestions: Symptoms of a bad compressor or compressor clutch include poor or no cooling, and a noisy or seized compressor. Have your vehicle?s air conditioning system checked yearly by a professional technician. The A/C system also operates when the climate control system is in the defroster mode to remove moisture from the interior, so A/C is more than a summertime creature comfort. Operating an A/C system low on refrigerant not only results in poor cooling, it can also damage the system due to poor lubrication flow. Make sure that the technician servicing your car uses the correct refrigerant and refrigerant oil. Use of the wrong refrigerant or oil can reduce system performance or even cause damage.

Vehicles are found to have primarily three different types of air conditioning systems. While each of the three types differ, the concept and design are very similar to one another.


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